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The world is waiting for you to pack your suitcases. The snowcapped peaks of the Himalayas and the lazy blooming forests of Bali, the sun-kissed desserts of Rajasthan and the tallest towers of Dubai. The world is waiting for you to discover yourself. What are YOU waiting for?
We're here to make sure all the boring ticket lines and logistics never stop your explorations- we're here to smoothen all the rocky bits and make sure your trip lightens your heart--but not your wallet.

Based in Mumbai, Mindflix Holidays plans culture-soaked trips all over India and abroad, and the best part? Your trip is carefully engineered to suit your specific needs, whether you're a family, a bachelor, a college student or a couple!

– CEO at Mindflix Holidays

Why choose Mindflix Holidays?

Electrifying experiences

Live through electrifying experiences and discover places that make you gasp with our perfect itineraries!

Unparalleled service!

Have your wishes fulfilled at a snap of a finger with unparalleled customer service!

Luxurious taste

Rest your feet at the most luxurious hotels and enjoy supreme hospitality from our our partners!

Natural moments

Sit under star-studded skies around a bonfire, with acoustic music serenading you!

Musical adventures

Jam to the coolest artists, bands and guitarists: let them create background music for your picture-perfect trip!

Inspiring events

Get pumped listening to travel-veterans, influencers and speakers that we invite over!

Themed parties

Party your heart out with theme-based fests: here's your chance to enjoy neon parties and masquerade balls!

Priceless memories

Build travel groups in your college and find your travel buddies--we'll help with that!

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